For team MARI the 24th & 25th January 2015 was the great event to remembered. Idea to homebrew 10 meter yagi antenna became the reality by putting tremendous efforts of OM VU2IVV, Jayesh Banatwala.

Pavana dam:

The Pavana dam, constructed in 1972 on Pavana River. The Pavana River is a notable river crossing the cities of Pimpri-Chinchwad and Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The river originates south of Lonavala from the Western Ghats, and flows a total of nearly 60 kilometres (37 mi) to meet the Mula river in Pune.

All team members assembled at MARI headquarter on 24th January 2015 at 07:30 hrs, after having delicious breakfast 7 team members VU2LKI, VU2ISH, VU3GEQ, VU2TOO, VU2HOT, VU2IVV and VU2LOC  have started heading towards Pavana dam via Mumbai-Pune Expressway. After reaching to Pavana dam team completed location survey and started assembling 10 meter yagi antenna developed by OM VU2IVV. After completing the assembly of 10 meter yagi antenna, team started putting up 20, 40 meter and 2 meter 5/8 antenna. We have used antenna analyzer model number MFJ-259 B. Team MARI using this expensive instrument for their R&D on homebrewing different types of antennas.


On this event we have also acknowledge OM VU2HOT, Jagdish Bhat  for achieving his DXCC.


The Pune Hams joined team MARI on the second day ie.on 25th January 2015 for the field trip. Soon after breakfast on the second day the participants got down to work. OM VU2ASH/ Ashok Joshi conducted a workshop on optimum utilisation of RF power by tuning the antenna. He made the participants fine tune using of an already installed dipole antenna and brought the swr to 1:1 which was followed by an interactive session on antennas. He also demonstrated an all band loop antenna for qrp use using a gang / variable capacitor and a slimjim made out of a TV ribon line. In addition he explained the construction of a  hex beam antenna and tuned of a 2 m 5/8 antenna to an swr 1:1. VU2ASH also displayed the homebrewed multiband BITEX TRANSRECEIVER with a homebrewed 20W RF amp incorporated onto it.



We would like to thank OM VU3GEQ, Dayanand Malve for offering the farmhouse and all other arrangements for this antenna workshop on field trip. Special thanks to team from Pune for decorating this event with their presence. Without OM VU2UPQ, Uday Patil leading this team it could have never possible.  

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