This was the second consecutive year, HAM radio volunteers from the Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute (MARI) provided Emergency Wireless Communication Support to the Mumbai Traffic Police and Police department and BMC authorities at the Juhu Chowpatty on September 8th 2014 which was the 10th and last day of the Ganesh festival when thousands of big and small idols of the lord Ganesh are immersed in to the sea at various locations. It is to the credit of the Police and the other authorities that there was no untoward incident despite lakhs of devotees visiting the chowpatty for the Ganesh immersion. The efforts put in by hundreds of police personnel and other agencies were very commendable.

For MARI volunteers, the event started with assembly at 1100 hours at the beach. The Juhu Chowpatty Control Room (JCCR) of MARI was set up in the stall next to the Civil Defense stall and the location was behind the main BMC stall. MARI volunteers are also present with wireless sets at BMC control. The VHF antenna was fixed atop one of the nearby searchlight towers and the advantage of this height was such that the JCCR was able to communicate with entire chowpatty including Andheri & Varsova. One mobile station was deputed along with traffic police, he was accompanying with traffic vehicle. 

Two wireless radio operators were deputed at Tower 1 and Tower 2 along with Traffic Police and Mumbai Police, continuous announcements were being made on the PA system which is directing the smooth flow of traffic onto the beach. Regular updates were continuously reported from these 2 stations to JCCR on the happenings on the beach. 23 HAM Radio operators are deputed on beach covering Khar Danda, Santacruz, Villeparle and Juhu beach along with fire brigade and life guards. As per the instructions from Police, messages were passed on these stations about the Lost and Found cases and our volunteers in turn passed on the description to the Police & BMC announcers who relayed the message asking the families to contact the Santa Cruz police chowky at Juhu. All lost and found cases were successfully resolved in this manner with Mumbai Police. 

About 27 HAM volunteers were mobile and had fanned out amongst the crowd from Khar Danda on the south end to beyond Sun N Sand on the north side of the beach and also on Juhu Tara road to constantly update the JCCR on the happenings everywhere.

We would like to thank the Mumbai Police, Mumbai Traffic Police and BMC for allowing us to participate in this event and involving us is coordinating with them for communication support. We are grateful to them for their selfless service and are proud to be associated with them.

On behalf of Mumbai Amateur Radio Institute.

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