My new project for Yagi for 2 Meter band , Material I have used is

(1)   Saddle , Nut & bolt  (Rs. 10.00 for 4 Pcs )         

(2) ½” CPVC Pipe for Boom 40” ( Rs. 40.00)  

(3) ½ “ CPV “ T Junction “   (Rs. 10.00)

(4)  Aluminum Rods (from Scrap) (Rs. 40.00) 


 pcs of Aluminum Strips to hold the rods on the beam , So lets make it, 


  1. First of all fix aluminum rods using strip to hold the element &  mount on the saddle.
  2. Mount  All there elements on the CPVC boom as shown below,
  3. Kept saddle on the boom  adjustable as to adjust the distance between the elements , it will required to tune the antenna (can be fixed permanently)
  4. Driven element is separated by Rubber Strip (insulator) , not touching each other.
  5. The distance between the Reflector & driven  element is 16 “


This is  Three elements Yagi antenna Reflector, Driven & Director, 

The length of the reflector is 40"

The Length of the Driven element is 39"/ 2  = 19.6"  each side each  

The length of the Director is 35"

I have used SC20C SWR power meter (Diamond) to tune the antenna.

I have use LMR 400 running to my Rig, tested the same design on MAMNA-GAL & the result was excellent, 


Happy Haming

DE VU2IVV (Jayesh Banatwala)

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16 January 2022

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